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Fixed, Flat, & Blended Fee Listings

First off we need to lay out the two primary agency agreements around Burke, Catawba, Caldwell, and Alexander counties of North Carolina-

Preferred by most agents, the Exclusive Right To Sell  (ERTS) format means that regardless of who sells the property- the Listing Company / Agent earns the full commission.  In fairness to agents, over the years, so many Sellers have tried to take advantage of listing agents efforts and then conspired with buyers to circumvent earned fees, the “ERTS” format offers protection from Seller abuse.  ERTS may be on a commissioned basis, and or incorporate a flat fee.

Exclusive Agency (EA) allows the Seller to sell the home without obligation to pay their agent – if the Buyer was procurred by the Seller without interaction with the agent.  Specific contract details confirm, or alter, that principle.  EA may be on a commissioned basis, and or incorporate a flat fee.

The term “Fixed”, or “Flat”, fee simply means there is a dollar amount which will be paid vs. a percentage of the Sales Price.

Low priced properties quite often have set $$ amounts of commission since a %% would have to be high to create adequate compensation for an agent’s efforts.

Exclusive Agency Blended Fees involve a Flat amount plus Commision.  If the Seller provides the Buyer, there is no commission.  If an agent brings a Buyer,the commission is earned at closing.  A real win-win.  The Seller has the benefits of being both  a For-Sale-By-Owner; and the benefit of full MLS / exposure.  Cooperating Co-brokers have access to a FSBO within the MLS and a guarantee of being paid if they bring a Buyer.

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